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I welcome you!

If at you high-speed access to a network, the unlimited traffic which are paid by the "rich uncle" and you consider, that in a network of class music - can not read further...
If it not so, and you have lost hope to find an old, almost album which so pleased you on the plate worn out up to white noise, to the cartridge or the coil, it is quite possible, what very soon you will listen to it once again in digital quality, and almost free-of-charge:-) As? Read further …
I am compelled to remind ALL visitors that:

Music submitted in my catalogue is intended only for an exchange and acquaintance and does not mean itself duplicating or sale... The files Received by a private (an individual) exchange do not lay in an easy approach in global network Internet, on paid or free-of-charge services.

Have become interested? Then, operate under the following circuit:

1) Load my catalogue..
In archive it about 500 кБ, but for its reading you will need the special program, therefore read further...
2) Load program МАС for reading the catalogue..
It is established on all without exception of system of family Windows, does not contain viruses, espionage modules and supports ALL European languages. The program is absolutely free-of-charge, has intuitively clear interface, contains a heap of useful functions. Volume about 1,5 Mb.
3) Establish the program in system, unpack my catalogue from archive and click on it, program will automatically open the catalogue. Use search or look through all successively. Button F9 at once mark in the catalogue disks or albums which to you it would be desirable to listen. After you сделате a choice close the catalogue preliminary having kept it, pack in any archive and send me by e-mail using the address - tolikn(Shift+2)
4) In the letter I ask to specify, the post address and the list of that you can offer me on an exchange, certainly, except for music from my catalogue. If you have same audiomaterial, as at me, but in higher quality, suggest, do not hesitate...

How to be if you only yesterday have started to collect and listen to music? A case, certainly, heavy, but curable. Get, that that that will interest me from such genres as SyntPop, Synthesizer Dance, or Space, reduce volume of a required material, offer on an exchange that that connected with music... Glance on rather interesting Russian-speaking forum to the address:

Record is made on equipment "Plextor" in a format of CD convenient for you or DVD high quality. I send disks in individual boxes wrapped up by a thick layer of a cardboard, without payment of you. If the material received by you is not read, (such yet was not, but whether it is not enough that...) I shall send it repeatedly. Send the parcel post simultaneously with me. The first order cannot exceed 1 (one) CD of a disk on volume. But if you are ready to send me a material to the first and to wait from me a reciprocal sending from the moment of reception by your me - then volume is not limited.

My catalogue constantly replenishes, therefore I recommend to add this page in Elite. If that that you have not found today, probably it will appear tomorrow, be not too lazy, press the reference!


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